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hdr bulletCharacters Intro


Welcome to the Characters of the Wastelands page. Below you will find stats and histories for various characters using the Mutant Future game rules and mods found on this site and possibly other sources as well. Feel free to peruse, use, and modify as needed any personal use. They will be classified by genome (more or less) and may be added, edited, or removed as needed.

Gangs and Groups

The following links are to group specific pages (such as bandit gangs, individual cryptic alliance groups, etc. These pages will include group descriptions and specific character definitions as warranted. Most of these groups will likely be used for party opposition, though I will try to throw in some help as well.

hdr bulletAndroids

Originally designed for various menial and specialized tasks before the apocalypse, most androids that are still functioning still attempt to continue to follow their programming to the best of their ability. Of course, the purpose and programming may be completely moot after the end came and those few androids that survived the end may have to live with a whole new set of parameters in the post-apocalyptic world. Those presented below have found the means to alter or adjust their programming in this new world.

Janet Bestianna (Synthetic Android)

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 15
Poison or Death 12
Stun Attacks 14
Radiation 13

Level: 3,Str: 11, Dex: 13, Con: 7, Int: 15, Will: 18, Cha: 10, Hp: 50, Alignment: Lawful

Height: 5 ft. 8 in., Weight: 190 lbs.

Android Enhancements: Negative Bio-Electric Pulse, Body Adjustment (adv 1x), Empowered Will (adv 1x)

Movement: 120' (40') walking

Combat: Needler (THAC0 17 (13 Bdy Adj Dex) 1 hp + poison), Dagger (THAC0 18/17 thrown (14/13 with Bdy Adj Str/Dex) 1d4 (+4 adj)), Grenade (THAC0 17 (13 Bdy Adj Dex))

Notes: Janet is immune to poison and gains +3 to all saving throws for heat and cold attacks. All radiation effects are treated as one class lower and no not receive mutations. Janet may use Body Adjustment and Empowered Will twice a day.

Appearance: Janet appears as a normal human woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She typically wears the best clothing she can find, preferring pre-apocalyptic styles if she can find them. She also has developed a fine interest in jewelry and typically wears precious stone earrings and rings worth at least 100 gp each.

Character Notes:Janet's original purpose and programming was that of a diplomatic envoy escort, traveling with ambassadors acting as a personal assistant with full benefits. Of course, part of her duties included espionage tasks as well as body guard and she was designed with the ability to temporarily immobilize everyone within proximity while she then empowered herself to perform tasks of great physical stress and daring. During the apocalypse, Janet was prematurely shut down by a combination chemical/EMP strikes. She reactivated over a hundred years later to find her superiors had long ago vanished. Since then she has learned the art of free lance espionage work, willing to infiltrate military or political structures and steal or learn of any secrets the financier has specified. Janet does not like killing living creatures and stays away from jobs requiring assassinations. However, she is not above defending herself with deadly precision. Her programming gives her a moralistic view and she will typically only take jobs where she perceives she is doing a good deed.

Armor: Stealth Plastex (AC 4/3 with Dex) and suit gives bonus of +5 to any ability checks involving moving stealthily.

Weapons: Needler Pistol (Apocalypse Tech Report) with three magazines of 20 needles each (Class IX poison) and one magazine of 20 needles (Class VII poison), six daggers, 3 shock grenades

Other Equipment: Janet prefers to travel in style when possible. She does own and ride a hover bike powered by a mini-fusion cell and she carries at least four sets of clothing with her plus 1d10 X 100 gp value in jewelry and any other light weight survival gear she may need. She also has several stashes of extra equipment in various hidden areas in the wasteland and she is rumored to have a working AI installation that she uses as her home base.

Quick Draw McGraugh (Synthetic Android)

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 7
Poison or Death 6
Stun Attacks 8
Radiation 7

Level: 10 (Gunslinger 3, Weapon Master 1),Str: 10, Dex: 17, Con: 12, Int: 10, Will: 12, Cha: 9, Hp: 53, Alignment: Neutral

Height: 5 ft. 10 in., Weight: 200 lbs.

Android Enhancements: Strengthened Skeletal System, Increased Metabolism (adv x2, movement X3 and two extra physical attacks per round), Body Adjustment (adv x1, twice per day)

Movement: 360' (120') walking

Combat: Quick Draw may make up to 4 attacks per round (8 when firing dual guns, primary gun suffers -2 and secondary gun suffers -4, Increased Metabolism penalties -2 3rd attack and -4 to fourth attack), Revolver (THAC0 9 1d10+1), Bowie Knife (THAC0 12 (10 thrown) 1d4)

Notes: Quick Draw has a +3 bonus for all saving throws versus heat or cold and is immune to poison. Radiation Class is treated as one level less than its actual level (minimum class 1). Quick Draw gains a +1 to hit and damage bonus with primitive fire arms (Weapons Master level) and has 3 free shots per day with revolvers (Gunslinger).

Appearance: Quick Draw's face appears poc marked and scarred from many battles and he has done little to have his skin effectively repaired, but does attempt to cover much of it with a greasy black hair piece, wiry mustache and a day old beard. He tends to wear jeans, faded t-shirts, and a leather long coat to cover the holsters at each hip as well as a beaten up cowboy hat.

Character Notes: Quick Draw has long lost interest or memory of his designated purpose, and spends his time seeking the life of a true gun slinger. He sees himself as the fast shot in the west (and with his enhancements he could probably be the closest thing to it) and makes his living by gambling on his speed and accuracy with his revolvers. He neither hides nor promotes the fact that he is an android, if someone assumes he is a human that is their mistake, not his.

Armor: Leather Coat, -2 armor, -2 Dex, -2 speed, AC 3

Weapons: Pair of Revolvers with speed loaders (Quick Draw can spend an attack to reload a single revolver) and he typically has four to six loaders per gun on his person at all times. Bowie Knife.

Other Equipment: Traveling supplies as needed and he typically carries 10d6 gold pieces at any given time for living expenses.

Sigma-SevenThree "Gilly" (Basic Android)

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 13
Poison or Death 10
Stun Attacks *
Radiation 11

Level: 5,Str: 15, Dex: 18, Con: 14, Int: 11, Will: 14, Cha: 10, Hp: 50, Alignment: Neutral

Height: 6 ft., Weight: 300 lbs.

Android Enhancements: Density Control (Self), Telekinetic Flight, Dual Form (see below)

Movement: 120' (40') walking / 135' (45') telekinetic flight

Combat: Slug Thrower A (THAC0 13 1d6), Gauss Rifle (THAC0 13 3d6), Vibro Dagger (THAC0 15 1d4 + 7), Shortsword (THAC0 16 1d6+1), Throw Grenade (THAC0 13)

Notes: While using telekinetic flight, Gilly may take one passenger with him. Gilly is affected by radiation as if it 3 class levels lower and cannot gain any new mutations. Gilly gains a +1 to all saving throws involving heat or cold. Gilly is immune to Poison, Stun, or Blinding effects.

Alternate Form (Voluntary)

Str: 12, Dex: 18, Con: 13, Int: 9, Will: 12, Cha: 11, Hp: 50

Android Enhancements: Additional Legs, Optic Emissions (Light Flash), Bio-Energy Feedback

Movement: 180' (60') walking

Combat: Slug Thrower A (THAC0 13 1d6), Gauss Rifle (THAC0 13 3d6), Vibro Dagger (THAC0 16 1d4 + 6), Shortsword (THAC0 16 1d6), Throw Grenade (THAC0 13)

Gilly can change between the two forms twice a day, requiring a round to complete the change.

Appearance: Gilly's alternate form allows him to sprout a second set of legs and his eye's grow larger and more reflective. His skin tone changes to a dark brown color, though still appearing synthetic and his face does take on a more bestial appearance with a prolonged nose bridge.

Appearance: Gilly appears as a normal generic android with no remarkable features. He has no facial hair, but does wear a short cropped red hair piece. His skin has a coppery sheen and his eyes appear human except the irises are a deep dark blue and the pupils glow with their own light in the dark.

Character Notes: Gilly was originally produced as a recon specialist, being able to increase or decrease his size at will as well as limited flight with a built in anti-gravity/inductor unit. The secondary form allowed him to move more quickly in the heat of battle and disorient opponents. Of course that was life times ago, since the apocalypse Gilly has been on his own and learned to survive on his own. Since he doesn't need sleep or sustenance, he finds the more biological races quizzical at best. However, after running into many strange and life threatening creatures Gilly has learned the need for maintaining a well stocked arsenal, and occasionally companions to make survival a little easier. Gilly does not remember much of his life from the far past and feels no real allegiance to anyone from either the past or the present unless it can help him survive more comfortably.

Armor: Plastex (AC 3 / 0 with Dex)

Weapons: Slug Thrower A (2 power clips, 85 shots), Gauss Rifle (power beltpack, 20 gauss rounds), Vibro Dagger (half charged mini-fusion cell), short sword, 3 frag grenades, 2 Torc Grenades

Other Equipment: Gilly wears a traveller's cloak to hide his true appearance while travelling abroad. Gilly carries a compass, binoculars, and a small repair kit for himself.

hdr bulletMutant Animals

Mutant Animal characters come in a plethora of shapes and sizes and may or may not resemble the original animal from which the character evolved. In addition to the normal "animals" that were found in the pre-apocalpytic world, many new species have since come and gone including many that seem to combine the DNA of two or more species of radically different genomes.

Bubba "Killer" Croc (Mutant Crocodile)

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 9
Poison or Death 8
Stun Attacks 10
Radiation 9

Level: 7,Str: 21, Dex: 12, Con: 15, Int: 9, Will: 11, Cha: 9, Hp: 55, Alignment: Chaotic

Height: 6' 3" upright (11' 9" length), Weight: 465 lbs.

Mutations: Pain Sensitivity, Cold Blooded, Natural Armor (-2 AC), Ultra-violet Vision, Segmented Body (x2 adv: +20' movement), Enlarged Head, Disintegration (x1 adv: rng 33', 11d6 damage, twice a day), Telepathy (rng 50' connect to one other person)

Cybernetic Enhancements: Arms with Increased Strength, Energy Dispersion (Heat from hands, rng. 10' 1d6 damage), Heat Vision

Movement: 180' (60')

Combat: Bite (THAC0 10 1d12+5 damage), Tail Slap (THACO 14 1d6+2 damage), Battle Axe (THAC0 10 2d10+5 damage), Grenade (THAC0 14 5d6 damage 20' radius)

bubba pic

Notes: Bubba has no natural limbs, but his enlarged head gives him a more powerful bite that causes 1d12 points of damage. Bubba was installed with cybernetic arms as well as heat vision, as a result he suffers a -2 penalty to all saving throws against electrical attacks and such attacks cause an extra point of damage per die. Bubba does gain an extra die of damage when wielding a Battle Axe.

Appearance: Bubba is a large green scaley gator with a really big head for a croc of his stature. He was born with no limbs but now sports a set of large synthetic arms composed of a durallow frame and plastix outer shell. Both eyes have prosthetic covers that can be lifted as desired (he normally wears them up unless in combat or hunting). Bubba normally moves by slithering on the ground but he can rear up to just over six feet while attacking.

Character Notes: Bubba was born the runt of the litter except for his head, and his brethern had limbs so he was quickly discarded from the nest by his mother. However, he survived on his own since his enlarged jaws made hunting and killing easier than most for his size and he quickly grew to surpass the overall size of his clutch mates. While still in the process of growing, Bubba was taken in by a wild trapper named Vinn-Eye that helped domesticate the gator to an extent. The two became inseperable for quite a while until Bubba was caught by a pack of androids sent on a mission of collecting specimens by their AI leader.

Bubba was taken to an underground laboratory and nearly dissected alive. It was during this process that the AI decided to give Bubba synthetic arms. Bubba barely survived the surgery and the dissection process and the AI got bored and left the gator alone so he could heal. After several months of captivity, Bubba broke out of his cell and managed to find his way out of the laboratory with quite a bit of help from his new arms. Since then Bubba has been traveling through various swamplands and southern forests trying to hook up with Vinn-Eye again. The gator is typical of his species and many a local villager has been slain while making fun of the strange looking crocodilian snake like mutant.

Armor: Chain Mail (AC 3, -4 armor, -2 natural armor)

Weapons: Battle Axe, two throwing axes, and two frag grenades.

Other Equipment: Backpack with standard provisions, two Stimshot A doses.

V'Garian (Mutant Cougar)

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 15
Poison or Death 12
Stun Attacks 14
Radiation 13

Level: 2,Str: 9, Dex: 10, Con: 12, Int: 10, Will: 18, Cha: 8, Hp: 41, Alignment: Neutral

Height: 4' at the shoulder x 5' 4" long, Weight: 230 lbs.

Mutations: Density Control (Self), Regeneration, Night Vision, Increased Hearing, Increased Olfactory Sense, Phobia (Laser Beams), Acceleration, Fire Manipulation, Neural Stasis

Movement: 210' (70')

Combat: Bite (THAC0 19 2d6 damage), 2 Claws (THAC0 19 1d6 damage each)

Notes: V'Garian is a quadruped with no prehensile appendages. He can bite and claw opponents, each attack does 1d6 points of damage. His bite was increased to 2d6 points of damage. He can communicate verbally with others, though his voice tends to carry a growlly element regardless of V'Garian's emotional state.

Appearance: V'Garian appears as a cougar, though a bit larger at shoulder. He does not wear any clothing or armor, but does have a harness where he can carry supplies. His eyes are larger than normal with one red eye and one brown eye.

Character Notes: V'Garian grew up as part of a pride of cougars in a somewhat radioactive savannah. He eventually left the pride when he became curious about a passing group of humanoids with strange weapons appeared one day. V'Garian eventually found himself in a small village comprised primarily of mutant animals (many being bipeds) where he learned to speak the common tongue and focus on training his mental mutations. The village was eventually razed by a group of raiders armed with lasers and other advanced weapons from which V'Garian's phobia manifested itself.

Armor: None (AC 9)

Weapons: None other than his natural bite and claw and mental mutations.

Other Equipment: V'Garian does wear a harness with a built in pack that allows him to carry common supplies though he has little use himself for such things unless someone else intervenes for him.

"Wild Bill" Buffalo (Mutant Bipedal Yak)

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 13
Poison or Death 10
Stun Attacks 12
Radiation 11

Level: 6(Level 1 Scavanger),Str: 14, Dex: 12, Con: 21, Int: 15, Will: 14, Cha: 16, Hp: 79, Alignment: Lawful

Height: 7 ft. 3 in., Weight: 380 lbs.

Mutations Energy Dispersion from horns (Cold Ray adv x3, 2d6 Damage, 30 ft. rng., 1/2 rounds, THAC0 14), Increased Physical Attribute (Con adv x2, +7 bonus), Increased Tactile Sensations, Ability Boost, Natural Armor (-1 bonus)

Movement: 120' (40') walking

Combat: Flint Lock Pistol (THAC0 14 1d12), Horns (THAC0 13 2d8)

Notes: Wild Bill gains a +2 bonus to charge with his horn attack.

Appearance: Wild Bill appears as a large yet squat humanoid covered in brown shaggy fur and two spiraled horns protrude from his large oxen like head. The travelling minstril does wear armor but typically wears a broad multi-colored robe and sash over it to seem less offensive.

Character Notes: Wild Bill is a traveling minstril, preferring to travel the plains looking for nomadic tribes to visit and regal with his stories and hopefully pick up some additional tales. He has managed to survive travelling abroad for several years and in his younger days spent time with the Bonapartists movement. He has long sense mellowed his opinions and seeks commradship with all sentient creatures regardless of racial stock.

Armor: Studded Leather, AC 5

Weapons: Wild Bill carries a Flint Lock Pistol with 10 to 20 shots and a Short Sword. He is not adverse to using ancient weapons and has used many types of primitive firearms in the past as well as a couple energy weapons. However, he will not keep such items for long because they tend to attrack more trouble than they are worth (at least in his eyes).

Other Equipment: Wild Bill carries a ukelele and a fife and is fairly proficient with both as well as singing with a booming baritone vibrato.

Zippo Priecher (Medium sized Mutant Grasshopper)

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 13
Poison or Death 10
Stun Attacks 12
Radiation 11

Level: 4 (Level 3 Tinker),Str: 15, Dex: 12, Con: 8, Int: 17, Will: 7, Cha: 9, Hp: 25, Alignment: Neutral

Height: 4' 11", Weight: 130 lbs

Mutations: Wings, Natural Armor, Protective Eyelids, Premature aging, shortened legs, weak will, increased willpower, telekinetic bubble

Movement: 80' (25') walking, 120' (40') flying

Combat: Gauss Machine Pistol (THAC0 17 2d6) or Automatic Rifle (THAC0 17 1d12)

Notes: Zippo gains a +3 bonus against attacks or saving throws versus blindness. He appear aged (equivelant to 60 human years) while he is in the roughly half that age.

Appearance: Zippo appears as a man-sized bi-pedal grasshopper walking on stinted legs. He does have a pair of wings sprouting from his back but he generally keeps them concealed under a large dusty overcoat. His exoskeletal frame appears brittle and his coloring is a fading green to tan.

Character Notes: Growing up on his own, Zippo has always been interested in the gadgets of the ancients and rebuilt his first laser pistol when he was in his young teens. However, his ageing defect has always made him appear much older than he actually was which actually worked out in his favor when dealing with others for trades and bartering. He prefers to travel on his own though he has made friends and traveling companions from time to time, but such relations generally last little longer than a month or two as most people have a hard time getting past the fact that Zippo is an insectoid and his crazy mannerisms. He tends to rush into situations before understanding what he is getting involved in, relying on his hide and telekinetic bubble to protect him from most things.

Armor: None AC 7

Weapons: Gauss Machine Pistol with beltpack, Automatic Rifle with 250 rnds

Other Equipment: Survival gear and tools for repairing and tinkering stored in Ol' Blue.

Vehicle: Ol' Blue (AC 4, Structure Points 50, Acc 120', Dec 80', Max 270', 55 MPH) is a rebuilt ramshackle looking military hovercraft. The vehicle is powered by a mini-fusion cell and the craft can hold up to six mansized creatures. It is armored on the sides and back while the cockpit was ripped out to allow for Zippo to pilot out in the open (due to his telekinetic bubble). There are no mounted weapons on it currently, though Zippo does carry pieces of repaired survival gear including two shotguns with 20 shells and a crate of 12 concussion grenades and 4 sticks of homemade dynamite.

hdr bulletMutant Humanoids


Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 13
Poison or Death 10
Stun Attacks 12
Radiation 11

Level: 7 (Medic 5), Str: 13, Dex: 11, Con: 13, Int: 17, Will: 16, Cha: 15, Hp: 35, Alignment: Lawful

Height: 5 ft. 6 inc., Weight: 135 lbs.

Mutations: Bio-Energy Feedback, Additional Legs, Optic Emissions (light), Increased Olfactory Senses, Reflection Field, Mental Block (fires)

Movement: 150' (50') walking

Combat: staff (THAC0 15 1d6 +1)

Notes: Chitara can treat up to five people per day, granting an additional 5 hit points to be healed while under her care.

Appearance: Chitara has a slightly translucent bluish skin and her hair is bright green typically worn in braids about her head and neck. She does have a second set of legs but she typically wears long dresses or robes to cover them up. She prefers earth tones and most of her clothing will be brown or greys with little color (other than her hair).

Character Notes: Chitara was raised in an isolated convent and was taught from an early age that non-agression is the best path to gain enlightenment and she rarely engages in combat, even to defend herself. She does carry a staff for personal protection but she seldom uses it for defensive purposes. She belongs to the Sisterhood of the Healing Hand and has taken an oath to offer medical help to any and all that request it regardless of what actions they have taken in the past. The Sisterhood will accept donations, but members such as Chitara never ask for payment for their healing skills.

Armor: None, AC 9

Weapons: Staff

Other Equipment: Survival gear, medical kit with bandages and bottles of anti-septic solution. She may be carrying (50%) 1d3 medical syringes of various solutions at any given time.

Lord Kirohn Overkhan

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 4
Poison or Death 3
Stun Attacks 4
Radiation 3

Level: 20,Str: 21, Dex: 19, Con: 21, Int: 13, Will: 15, Cha: 12, Hp: 71, Alignment: Lawful

Height: 5' 9", Weight: 175 lbs.

Mutations: reflective skin (kinetic, x1 adv: attack reflect back to attacker), Regeneration (x3 adv: 4 hp per round), Claws (x3 adv: 1d12 damage), Molecular Detonation (x4 adv: +6 uses/day, +4d6 damage)

Cybernetic Enhancements: Cybernetic Brain (Defective, Int 16, Will 15) with Bio-Energy Manipulation, Enhanced Regeneration (+1 hp), Echolocation, Pain Sensitivity (energy), Cybernetic Legs (enlarged), Energy Absorption (Laser/Light), Energy Dispersion (Laser/Light kick),

Movement: 120' (40')

Combat: 3 attacks per round, Claws (THAC0 0 3d12+7 damage)

Notes: Due to his cybernetic enhancements, Lord Kirohn suffers a -2 penalty to any saving throw versus Electrical attacks and electrical attacks cause an additional point of damage per die. When it comes to laser or light based attacks, Kirohn's pain sensitivity is cancelled out by his Energy Absorption enhancement, though he does not gain additional hit points from absorbing the energy from those specific attacks.

Appearance: Lord Kirohn appears as a generally pleasant slender gentleman with almost gaunt facial features and long dark hair and closed crop beard. Although not overly tall, many that have spent time with him believe him of bigger stature than he actually is and many stories abound that make him out to a veritable giant. Kirohn appears to be in his fifties now though still very strong and lithe physically. His one mutant feature that is obviously present is his long steel like nails that he keeps razor sharp. These nails are actually calcified bone that protrude from the ends of his fingers. Kirohn does try to hide his cybernetic features, generally wearing long pants or robes to cover his legs.

Character Notes: Lord Kirohn OverKhan is the ruler of a small island community that happens to be situated on top of a top secret military installation that survived the apocalypse. Raised the son of a local village chieftain, Kirohn's mutations quickly allowed him to take over and he quickly began to consolidate other nearby villages and set himself up as a beneficial warlord. It was during this consolidation that he was wounded and nearly lost both legs. His followers took him to the only known gate to the military installation and left him there. He was taken in by the installation's AI and his legs replaced with cybernetic versions. Kirohn returned later and had other surgeries as well for other injuries, though the AI decided he was to dangerous to be left unsupervised so the AI implanted a cybernetic monitoring processor which mimicked the human mind, but the implant did not fully integrate with Kirohn's own mind and as a result the AI has found it possible to take control of Kirohn for short periods of time as well as neurologically controlling others within a short reach of Kirohn.

Over the years Kirohn has managed to cobble together a kingdom for himself, and strives in the beliefs of chivalry and other ideals from ancient stories he was raised on as a child. Kirohn makes every attempt to show mercy to commoners, but he can be ruthless when facing anyone with warrior skills or bravado. If anything, Kirohn is very prideful of his abilities and his own successes in life and will eagerly meet anyone in single combat as a matter of honor. However, once engaged, he has no compulsions to rely strictly on physical skills and has prematurely ended many a battle simply by blowing up the opponent's weapon (generally killing the opponent in the process).

Armor: Kirohn typically wears no armor but he has access to nearly any type of basic armor as well as a few sets of advanced E.M.As.

Weapons: Kirohn relies on his claws and other mutant and enhanced abilities for most combats. However, he does have access to nearly any type of primitive or advanced melee weapon and many types of firearms, both primitive and advanced.

Other Equipment: As a ruler of a small country, Kirohn has access to nearly anything he may need including medical supplies, gizmos, and it is even reported that he has a working yacht.

Master Blaster (Physicant)

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 9
Poison or Death 8
Stun Attacks 10
Radiation 9

Level: 7,Str: 21, Dex: 9, Con: 19, Int: 10, Will: 10, Cha: 13, Hp: 63, Alignment: Chaotic

Height: 6 ft. 6 in., Weight: 250 lbs.

Mutations: Decreased Taste, Additional Arms (adv x2), Enlarged Chest (adv x1), Immortality, Reflection Field (adv x2), Insanity (hyperactivity)

Movement: 120' (40') walking / 240' (80') while hyper

Combat: Chain Saw (THAC0 10 first attack/12 second attack 3d6 + 5), Sledge Hammer (one handed, THAC0 11 1d8 + 5), Revolver (THAC0 14 1d10)

Notes: Ingested poisons suffer a -1 penalty, all other poisons gain a +1 bonus for Master Blaster. Master Blaster's Reflection Field begins with 3d6 and he gains a +1 to all saving throws to maintain his concentration for this mutation. Master Blaster gains an additional +2 bonus to hit with his secondary arms. As part of his insanity, Master Blaster can move twice as fast as normal and make one extra physical attack per round with a -2 penalty for up to 19 minutes before he has to rest.

Appearance: Master Blaster has the physique of a body builder with the exception that he has two additional arms. He prefers to wear nothing on his chest and relies on his Reflection Field to keep him from getting harmed in combat. He has no facial hair and much of his hair has fallen out in the past due to over exposure to radiation. Although not disfigured, Master Blaster prefers to wear a hockey goalie mask painted with a skull on it.

Character Notes: Master Blaster was actually born as Thomas Wilson before the apocalypse but when he died the first time he woke up a few days later completely naked and confused. It wasn't long after that a second set of arms began to bud out below his normal arms. Always a bit of a jock before the end, Thomas took up the name Master Blaster and began an extreme regimen of body building with whatever equipment he could find. As the years past, Master Blaster has died several times only to surprise his foes days or weeks later to take his revenge. However, the extended life span has had its effects on Master Blaster and he is a bit unstable and when entering combat becomes hyper active and a bit sadistic. His sadistic side comes out with his choice in weapons, and he prefers to get up close and personal with his opponents, especially with the chain saw.

Armor: Duralloy Shield (AC 8)

Weapons: Lumber Jack Chain Saw with power pack, Sledge Hammer, Revolver with 12 bullets

Other Equipment: Typical survival gear including gas mask and two extra power packs for chain saw.

Vehicle or Mount: Master Blaster drives a large off road wheeled Truck powered by a Mini-Fusion Cell. The Truck can carry a load of 2,500 lbs. and three passengers and a driver. Master Blaster has modified the truck with steel sheeting (AC 3, HP 50) with a top speed of 120 mph. He also has a weapons mount on top of the cab with two Micro-missile launchers and he carries a case of 8 micro-missiles within the cab.

Nuin' Regusha (Mentalist)

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 9
Poison or Death 8
Stun Attacks 10
Radiation 9

Level: 7,Str: 9, Dex: 9, Con: 14, Int: 18, Will: 19, Cha: 9, Hp: 57, Alignment: Lawful

Height: 5 ft. 4 in., Weight: 230 lbs.

Mutations: Increased Metabolism (x2 adv: x4 movement), Astral Projection, Computer Link, Disintegration (x2 adv: 3 uses per day), Telekinesis (adv: lift 285 lbs)

Movement: 480' (160') walking

Combat: Maser Pistol (THAC0 14 2d8), Knives (THAC0 14 1d4)

Nuin and Bstone posing

Notes: Nuin may use his Disintegration power up to three times per day, causing 19d6 points of damage.

Appearance: Nuin is a scrawny humanoid with bluish skin and a slightly conical head. He has bright yellow hair that he wears to his shoulders though his face is clean shaven. Nuin likes to wear grey or black loose fitting shirts and pants and prefers ball caps to cover his head. He is always seen with his traveling companion B'Stone Been, a general service robot that Nuin completely repaired and modified and reprogrammed using his Computer Link mutation. B'Stone appears generally humanoid in shape with a glossy black dura-plastic covered body, standing 6' 3" tall and rather intimidating with the bulky limbs Nuin found and installed on him.

Character Notes: Nuin was orphaned from a young age when the village he was living found out his parents were Mentalists. He was spared death but left to die in the wastelands. He managed to find an old robot maintenance shop that had long ago been abandoned by the living and with his powers was able to cobble together new friends and protectors for himself. By the time he reached adulthood and decided to seek out others of his kind he managed to completely restore one of the bots who had become his closest friend, B'Stone Been. Nuin does his best to hide his heritage while he travels abroad looking for others of his kind and with B'Stone Been has managed to survive fairly well though not with out a few scrapes.

Armor: Plastic Plate (AC 4)

Weapons: Maser Pistol with power beltpack, 6 knives

Other Equipment: Traveling gear, Infra-red goggles, Robotics repair kit with systems diagnotic unit, Two units of Stimshot B with one injector

Companion: B'Stone Been

B14 ST00 NEI BNN B'Stone Been (Modified General Service robot)

Hit Dice: 10 (60 hp), Frame: Biomorph, Locomotion: 2 legs (120'/40'), Manipulators: Adv. Hands, Armor: Duraplastic (AC5) and 20 point Force Field
Sensors: Class IV, Mental Programming: RemCon or Directive Program (Int 9), Other Abilities: Str 16, Dex 12, Will 9
Accessories: Remote Control Unit, Vocalizer, Weapon Mount (Laser Rifle), Self Repair Unit, Weapons: Laser Rifle (mounted), Mk 1 Laser Pistol with three power clips (carried), long sword (carried)

Combat: Laser Rifle (THAC0 10 6d6), Laser Pistol (THAC0 10 5d6), long sword (THAC0 8 1d8 +3)

hdr bulletPure Humans

Balthazar Bad Blood

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 13
Poison or Death 10
Stun Attacks 12
Radiation 11

Level: 5 (Gamma Sorcerer 5), Str: 8, Dex: 12, Con: 11, Int: 16, Will: 18, Cha: 12, Hp: 52, Alignment: Chaotic

Height: 5 ft. 3 in., Weight: 210 lbs.

Gamma Powers: Molecular Detonation (2x per day for 7d6 damage), Telekinetic Shield (2x per day)

Movement: 120' (40') walking

Combat: Staff (THAC0 17 1d6 -1) or Laser Pistol Mk I (THACO 16, 5d6)

Notes: Balthazar has a pet raven named Azrast with the Precognition mutation that he keeps perched on his shoulder. Azrast cannot speak but it will squawk if it perceives danger from its precognitive ability.

Appearance: Balthazar is a short but girthy looking human who generally wears robes and carries a staff. He prefers purple or black colors and he wears a head piece made of tarnished copper with a red topaz mounted in the forehead (purely for ornamental purposes).

Character Notes: Balthazar is an imperious and arrogant man that treats most individuals as servants or chattel to be used at his whim. When it comes to combat however, he tends to be a little craven until he can raise his telekintec shield. If he cannot create one, he will attempt to flee at soon as possible.

Armor: None, AC 9

Weapons: Staff with hidden Mk 1 laser pistol built into the head, the trigger is wired near the mid section.

Other Equipment: Two power cells for the laser pistol, typical travelling gear as needed.

Hans Drummervich

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 15
Poison or Death 12
Stun Attacks 14
Radiation 13

Level: 3, Str: 18 (22), Dex: 16 (14), Con: 18, Int: 11, Will: 11, Cha: 16, Hp: 85, Alignment: Neutral

Height: 5 ft. 10 in., Weight: 190 lbs.

Movement: 120' (40') walking

Combat: Revolver (THAC0 16, 1d10), Vibro Dagger (THAC0 15, 1d4 +6)
Suit: Punch (THACO 13 1d3 + 5), Auto Pistols (THAC0 17 1d10, 3 shots/rd), Grenade Launchers (THAC0 17)

Notes: While wearing the VonUrich armor Hans is immune to Class IV or less radiation and Class V or less poison (inhaled only).

Appearance: Hans is a handsome cut of a caucasion male with well trimmed blond hair and blue eyes. He is beardless but does have a thick but well groomed moustache. He has a very muscular physique and is not afraid to show it off when not wearing the VonUrich Suit (see below).

Character Notes: Hans grew up in a secret enclave of the Infinite Reich, a group of Aryan pure humans that still believe that their race will eventually dominate the world. Thus, Hans has a very superior and arogant attitude when dealing with others not of his enclave, though not as xenophobic as the Knights of Genetic Purity. The Infinite Reich does not believe in the concept of genecide but instead they believe that natural selection will eventually lead to extinction of all other races other than their own. This process could take nearly an infinity to complete hence their name. However, they truly believe by the end of time it is the Aryans that will be the only race left to inherit paradise.

Hans himself never really bought into the idealism of the group, but he had always been facinsted with technology and the Infinite Reich did manage to hold onto some of their past in that regard. When he was old enough to volunteer for the die Luftwaffe, Hans charmed his way in and eventually to the Dampf-Rüstung brigade and eventually to the top unit where he gained the VonUrich Kreiselkompass Anzug. Hans now leads the small brigade but tends to perform missions and adventure on his own when possible.

Armor VonUrich Kreiselkompass Anzug (AC 3/2 with Dex)

Weapons: When not wearing the Powered Armor, Hans carries a revolver (15 bullets) and a vibro dagger (one power cell)

VonUrich Kreiselkompass Anzug (Gyro Suit)

Ability Adj: Str +4, Dex - 2   Armor Steel Plate on Exoskeleton (AC 3)
Locomotion Legs, Auto Gyro   Movement 120' (40') walking / 180' (60') or 0' flying
Power Source Mini-Fusion Cell   Accessories Night Vision Goggles, Gas Mask with Class V filter, Radiation Protection (Class IV or less), 2 Weapon Mounts for built in automatic pistols, 2 Weapon Mounts and Loaders for Grenade Launchers
Weapons Arm mounted Automatic Pistols with 20 round magazine capacities (a total of four extra magazines are carried per mission)
Two Grenade Launchers mounted on Back (rng 180 ft., 4 frag grenades, 4 torc grenades, 2 chemex grenades each)

The armor is capable of running continuously for 500 hours including flight. As it is an auto-gyro the suit can hover and has fairly good manueverability. The suit is quite resiliant but it does have its weak points. If the wearer should happen to take 30 points or more of damage from a single attack, roll a 1d6: 1-2 Auto-Gyro disabled, 3-4 Exoskeleton damaged and Strength bonus is lost while Dex penalty increases to -4, 5-6 One of the weapons mounts is damaged and incapacitated until fixed (randomly determined by Mutant Lord). The armor itself weighs 300 lbs when not powered up. Once powered, the suit's effective weight for the wearer is treated as 50 lbs.

Other Equipment: Hans carries the typical survival gear while on missions including an alternate set of Plastic Plate armor when not wearing his powered armor.

Kinon the Barbarian

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 13
Poison or Death 10
Stun Attacks 12
Radiation 11

Level: 5 (Beast Rider 2), Str: 17, Dex: 16, Con: 16, Int: 10, Will: 14, Cha: 10, Hp: 64, Alignment: Lawful

Height: 6 ft. 4 in., Weight: 210 lbs.

Movement: 120' (40') walking

Combat: Two-handed Sword (THAC0 13 2d10 +3), Longbow (THAC0 14 2d8)

Notes: +1 to hit and damage with Two-handed sword, -5% for all tech rolls due to Barbarian stock.

Appearance: Tall and muscularly sculpted, Kinon is the pure epitomy of a Barbarian warror with course black hair, though he keeps his face shaven when near civilized areas.

Character Notes: Born of a northern barbarian tribe, Kinon's family was slaughtered by rampaging mutants while he was still a child and he was taken as a slave. Eventually Kinon escaped and met up with a traveling adventurer that took him under his wing and taught him how to ride and handle horses. However, this new relationship was ill fated as one of the mutants he escaped from tracked him down and ended up dying at the hands of Kinon, but not before slaying the adventurer that was helping the young barbarian. Kinon continued on his own for quite a while, vowing to free any slaves he should come across regardless of race or species.

Armor: Chainmail, -4 armor, -2 Dex, AC 3

Weapons: Two-handed Sword, Long Bow with 40 arrows

Other Equipment: Backpack, bedroll, saddlebags, rations, and other traveling gear as needed.

Mount: Canon rides a War Horse named Detriarch (AC 5 (barding), HD 3d8, hp 21, Mrl 10, Saves: En 15 Psn 12 Stn 14 Rad 13, Attk: 2 hooves (1d6 each))

Saran Tarsis (Touched)

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 13
Poison or Death 10
Stun Attacks 12
Radiation 11

Level: 6 (Esper 4), Str: 12, Dex: 10, Con: 13, Int: 12, Will: 17, Cha: 14, Hp: 64, Alignment: Neutral

Height: 5 ft. 9 in., Weight: 160 lbs.

Telepathic Powers: Telepathy (adv x1, rng 100 ft.), Mind Thrust (adv x1, 5d6 damage), Stunning Blast

Movement: 120' (40') walking

Combat: Maser Pistol (THAC0 15 2d8)

Notes: As one of the Touched, Saran can only use his telepathy with other Touched humans or others with the Telepathy power. He can use his other ESPer powers against others regardless of being able to communicate with them telepathically.

Appearance: Saran tries to dress and style his appearance to blend in with the locals if possible. He prefers greys and blacks and typically wears a black cloak to cover his armor and weapon. Otherwise he has dark brown hair and beard with a ratty moustache and a dark tan complexion.

Character Notes: Saran has always reveled in his ability to mind speak with others of his sub-species and eagerly took up the role of Psi-Knight when he was old enough to prove himself. As a Psi-Knight Saran took an oath to protect his brothers and sisters of the mind and eagerly jumps into the fray when he sees another member of the touched (or other creature with powers of the mind) being harassed or attacked. However, he learned long ago that sometimes you have to rely more on conventional means of defense and he cherishes the maser pistol he picked up off an enemy after one particularly nasty battle.

Armor: Ferro-Fibrous armor -4 armor, AC 5

Weapons: Maser pistol with three full power clips

Other Equipment: Saran typically travels with others of the Psi-Knights but when on his own will carry a backpack, rations, rope, oil, as well as cigarette lighter, binoculars, and a pocket full of gold coins.

Sergeant Varian Vega

Saving Throws
Energy Attacks 13
Poison or Death 10
Stun Attacks 12
Radiation 11

Level: 4, Str: 15, Dex: 15, Con: 17, Int: 15, Will: 12, Cha: 14, Hp: 101, Alignment: Chaotic

Height: 6 ft. 2 in., Weight: 230 lbs.

Cybernetic Enhancements: Enlarged Legs, Cybernetic Brain which grants him Spatial Perception and Combat Empathy

Movement: 150' (50') walking

Combat: Shotgun (THAC0 15, 4d6 + 12/2d6 + 6), Twin Revolvers (THAC0 P17/S19 using both or 15 using one 1d10 + 3), Hand Axe (THAC0 15 1d6 +4)

Notes: Sergeant Vega under went a process of becoming a cyborg, as a result he suffers a -2 penalty to all saving throws against electrical attacks and electrical attacks cause +1 point of damage per die. The sergeant also does +1 die of extra damage when firing a shotgun (any type)

Appearance: Varian Vega has a tough demeanor with bulky arms, chest, and legs and lightly tanned skin. He does sport a rough black beard and moustache though he is bald otherwise. He has a scar that runs the length of his left arm which he covered with a tattoo of an oriental dragon.

Character Notes: Originally a member of the Knights of Genetic Purity, Varian Vega was eventually court martialed and exiled due to this impetuous nature. Since then his views and beliefs have mellowed in regards to other races while he still harbors some resentment over his treatment from the Knights. Vega kept his rank though he prefers to act on his own then either give or take orders from or to others. His personal conviction is, if a body doesn't know what he is doing, he is better off getting whacked to leave more for the rest of them that have a clue. Vega did not gain his implants until after he was court martialed and he seldom speaks of it and though his cybernetic enhancements give him some edge in surviving, he sees it more of a violation of his body and soul than a boon.

Armor: Studded Leather (AC 6 / 5 with Dex)

Weapons: Combat Shotgun holds 8 rounds in a magazine, 2 extra magazines, total of 32 shells. Twin revolvers with a total of 25 bullets, 2 hand axes.

Other Equipment: Sergeant Vega carries the typical survival gear in a beat up ruck sack and he does have small stashes of ammunition and other survival gear near villages or other areas he tends to frequent.