Pathfinder Products

Focusing on your character development supplements, we offer products that offer new options for existing classes, new classes, and a plethora of spells between our three Spell-Works Compendiums to our series of Spell Innovations.

Advancing With Class

This short line of products include a 20 to 30 page pdfs that focus on a particular class, offering new and expanded features, feats, and more. Currently covering the Magus, the Physicist, The Vigilante, The Witch, and the Wizard. In addition, to these supplements, we also have other class focused supplements including The Planar Paragon and The Fighter Unbound.

Spell-Work Compendiums and Spell Innovations

Spell-Work Compendiums include three volumes filled with new spells, each supplement having 50+ new spells each. The Spell Innovations line of products offer short supplements focusing on new and innovative spells based on a particular theme. Many include variations on a commonly known and well used spell, such as Mirror Image or Shield. Some are more thematically focused, such as Fey Folio or Draconic Aspects.

Player Paraphernalias

We also produce a long line of short supplements that offer a variety of topics including new or alternate class features, feats, archetypes, hybrid classes, and more. These supplements range from 99 cents to $2.49 in price, and many bundles can be found on the Drive Thru site to get them at even better prices.

And Other Stuff

And that isn't all, we have supplements for magic items including 100 Tokens of Feathery Fascination or Staves of Arcane Focus, Feats Unbound offering a bunch of new and reworked feats, and even a supplement that introduces a bunch of new NPC classes.

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