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Robotics Modifications
 Robots and Ability Scores
 Gamma World Robots
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hdr bulletRobotics Modifications

Robots and Ability Scores

Manipulator Type Dexterity Range
None None to 3
Claw or Pincer 3 to 9
Probe or Special Use Gripper* 9 to 18
Basic Hand 6 to 12
Advanced Hand 9 to 18

All robots have equivelent ability scores for Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Willpower. Strength and Dexterity scores are easily equivalent to character scores, and most robots that do any type of menial labor would have strength scores of 15 or higher while those that have advanced targeting processors or programmed to quickly react to situations will have Dexterity scores of 15 or higher. If a robot does not have the capability to move objects would have no effective strength score while a robot that itself cannot move would have no effective Dexterity score. The type of manipulator possessed by the robot is a general indicator of the robot's dexterity score expectations (see table). The Dexterity range given is just a guideline and does not take into account other aspects of the robot including locomotion or programming. Dexterity modifiers for Special Use Grippers follow the information given in the Mutant Future rulebook, any use of the gripper other than its intended use suffers a -4 penalty.

The robot's programming is equivalent to its intelligence score. A robot with limited or no programming (controlled by a remote source) would have no or limited intelligence. A robot designed to interact with people would have an equivalent intelligence of a normal person (between9 and 12). A robot with an artificial intelligence matrix or organic processer (brain) would have an intelligence of 15 or higher. The last ability score is Willpower. Willpower can be determined by several factors including the robot's processer type and programming. The main purpose of Willpower is for handling mental attacks. As a general rule of thumb, robots are subject to psionikinetic and telekinetic attacks while phsyiomatic and telepathic attacks are completely ineffective unless the robot has an organic processor (brain).

hdr bulletOld School Robots

Revamped Gamma World Robots

The robots found in the first three to four edition of Gamma World are still superior to many of the examples given in the Mutant Fture book as well as the additional robots found in the Wisdom from the Wastelands issues from Skirmisher Publshing. Not to say that the robots and robotic features found in either source is bad or not well worth the look (I have purchased all of the WftW issues dealing with Robots and found many of the ideas useful and some of the robots may show up in my campaign). However, nothing compares to the original Death Machine or Warbot. The following are comparible renditions of these early GW robots with Mutant Future statistics and equipment (with some features taken from the WftW robot issues or custom equipment).

Death Machine

Considered the ultimate device of destruction, Death Machines are large killing machines measuring nearly 50 ft. long, 30 ft. wide, and 10 ft. high with several projections and turrents, some of which may be concealed within by sliding compartments. It has one large turret on top with twin blaster cannons with a range of nearly a mile. These robots were typically used for guard duty of top secret military installations or sent in to wipe out entire towns or cities. The robot itself rarely takes on these tasks itself but is generally controlled by an AI computer buried nearby in a pre-event bunker.

The Death Machine is powered by its own small nucler power plant and it may fire the twin Blaster Cannon once every other round while it may fire a combination of up to 12 other weapons per round (weapons in batteries cannot be fired individually but each battery is considered an individual weapon for this count). The Death Machine itself has little in the way of programming so it will not rely on anything less than using its full arsenal when confronting anything it considers hostile. However, since most are controlled by an AI computer from a remote location it is likely that the AI will make appropriate use of the Death Machine's weapons and may choose to observe those that come within range for a time before attacking them.

Each Mini-missile launcher comes with 10d10 missiles of various types while the Bomb launcher is typically loaded with 4d10 fusion bombs, 2d10 Radiation bombs, and 1d10 Trek bombs. There is a 10% chance that any death machine encountered has a leaky nuclear reactor, in which case it constantly emits Class 3 radiation with a 60 ft. radius of the machine itself.

Hit Dice 150 (700 hp)   Frame Armature (50' x 30' x 10')
Locomotion Inductor and Thruster   Movement 360' (120')
Power Small Nuclear Plant   Sensors Class VI
Manipulators None   Armor Reactive AC 1
Force Screen (absorbs first 400 hp damage per round)
Charge Screen (WftW, 50' range 200 damage, robots that enter within range must make saving throw versus Stun or be disabled while within range of the screen)
Programming RemCon (Int 2)   Other Abilities Str: --, Dex: 15, Will: 8
Accessories Remote Control Unit, Self-repair Unit
Hardened Circuits (WftW),
Loading Mechanism (7),
Weapon Mounts for 16 Mark VII Blaster Batteries,
Concealed Weapon Mounts for 8 Laser Batteries,
Twin Blaster Cannon Weapons Mount
  Weapons Twin Blaster Cannon Turrent (25d6 rng 1 mile)
6 Death Rays (WftW, rng 1000 ft., dam. 10d10)
16 Mark VII Blaster Batteries (4 guns each, 32d6 rng 600 ft.)
8 Laser Batteries (5 guns each, 20d6 rng 1 mile)
6 Mini-missile Launchers (various warheads rng 2 miles)
Bomb Launcher (various bombs rng 2 miles)
Saving Throws Energy: 4, Death: 3, Stun: 4   THAC0 Energy Weapons 5; Bombs & Missiles 8

WftW = Wisdom from the Wastelands Issues 15, 16, 18, and 19

Defense Borg

This large 12 ft. diameter sphere has three floating weapons mounts that move along its otherwise featureless surface. Each weapon mount consists of five lasers and a grenade launcher. Two concealed micro-missile launchers can also appear from nearly any area of the borg. In addition, the Defense Borg can sprout two tentacles up to 20 ft. long which can be used to strike opponents or pick up objects. The Defense Borg has a built in tractor/pressor unit that can lift and move up to 1,000 lbs. witin a 60 ft. range. The Defense Borg has two orb remotes (each approximately 1 ft. in diameter) that it may expell from itself or reabsorb as needed. Each remote has no weapons and the same sensor package as the Defense Borg and may travel up to 1 mile away from the Defense Borg while keeping in constant communication with it.

The Defense Borg may be controlled by a remote installations (typically an AI computer) but it also has an organic cpu which allows it to act on its own for extended periods of time. The purpose of these machines was originally to defend an installation or sensitive piece of equipment. It is rumored that at least one Defense Borg has developed a mental mutation and this possibility is not as impossible as it seems as these devices do have organic brains and active nuclear power plants encased relatively close to each other.

Hit Dice 50 (230 hp)   Frame Armature (10' diameter sphere)
Locomotion Inductor and Thruster   Movement 270' (90')
Power Micro Nuclear Plant   Sensors Nerve Web
Manipulators Two Tentacles   Armor Megatanium AC -1
Force Screen (absorbs first 100 hp damage per round)
Programming RemCon and Advanced Programming (Int 15)   Other Abilities Str: 15, Dex: 15, Will: 12
Accessories Remote Control Unit, 2 remotes (WftW),
Loading Mechanism (5),
Weapon Mounts for 3 Laser/Grenade Launcher Batteries,
Two Micro Missile ports, Concealed
  Weapons 3 Laser Batteries (5 guns each, 20d6 rng 1000 ft.) with Grenade Launcher (rng 1000 ft.)
2 Micro-missile Launchers (rng 1 mile),
2 Tenacles (2d6 damage, 20 ft. reach)
Saving Throws Energy: 4, Death: 4, Stun: 5   THAC0 Energy Weapons 6; Bombs, Grenades, & Missiles 9; tentacles 10
Remotes: AC 6, HD 1, HP 6, Move 150'(450')


This 30' diameter ovoid shapped robot hovers on four sets of inductors that provide it sufficient lift and thrust to move at a relatively good speed dispite its appearance. The warbot is nearly as devastating as the death machine, armed with six laser batteries, eight Mark VII Blaster batteries, four death rays, micro-missile battery with 4 launchers, two grenade batteries with three grenade launchers each, and one bomb launcher.

The Warbot was designed specifically to destroy other military targets, particularly land based targets ranging from infantry units to moderately protected installations. The Warbot is generally given a mission by an AI unit and then uses its own internal programming to complete the mission before returning to home base for further directions. Any functioning warbot may be currently on a mission, even one of its own devising if it cannot reconnect to home base and such will typically continue to repeat the same mission over and over, redesignating the target(s) as its programming allows. If presented with an appropriate ID card that comes from the same military the warbot was commisioned, there is some probability that the warbot will pause and consider any direction given.

The Warbot can fire up to 10 weapons each round (each battery counts as a single weapon for this purpose). Each Grenade Battery is loaded with 1d10 Torc, 2d10 frag, 3d10 Others. The Bomb launcher is loaded with 2d6 Anti-Matter Alpha, 1d6 Anti-Matter Beta, and 3d6 Other types of bombs.

Hit Dice 60 (300 hp)   Frame Armature (30' x 30' x 10')
Locomotion Inductor and Thruster   Movement 360' (120')
Power Small Nuclear Plant   Sensors Class VI
Manipulators None   Armor Reactive AC 1
Force Screen (absorbs first 200 hp damage per round)
Programming RemCon and Intuitive Programming (Int 9)   Other Abilities Str: --, Dex: 12, Will: 10
Accessories Remote Control Unit, Self-repair Unit
Hardened Circuits (WftW),
Loading Mechanism (11),
Weapon Mounts for 8 Mark VII Blaster Batteries,
Concealed Weapon Mounts for 6 Laser Batteries,
Weapon Mount for Micro-Missile Battery,
Weapon Mounts for 2 Grenade Batteries
  Weapons 4 Death Rays (WftW, rng 600 ft., dam. 10d10)
8 Mark VII Blaster Batteries (3 guns each, 24d6 rng 300 ft.)
6 Laser Batteries (5 guns each, 15d6 rng 1 mile)
1 Micro-Missile Battery (4 Launchers)
2 Grenade Batteries (3 launchers each rng 1,500 ft.)
Bomb Launcher (rng 2 miles)
Saving Throws Energy: 4, Death: 4, Stun: 5   THAC0 Energy Weapons 5; Bombs, Grenades, & Missiles 8

hdr bulletNew Robots

MK 78-A Warbot

The MK 78-A Warbot was designed for minor installation defense and destroying soft targets. It is about one third the size of the normal Warbot with even less armaments. The Mk 78-A can easily take on a small contingent of armed personnel or androids. It is typically assigned parameters for a mission then relies on it's own programming to meet the objectives set by the AI.

The MK 78-A can fire two energy batteries and two launchers per round.

Hit Dice 20 (100 hp)   Frame Armature (10' X 10' X 5')
Locomotion Inductor and Thruster   Movement 240' (80')
Power Micro Nuclear Plant   Sensors Class VI
Manipulators None   Armor Reactive AC 1
Force Screen (absorbs first 50 hp damage per round)
Programming RemCon and Intuitive Programming (Int 9)   Other Abilities Str: --, Dex: 12, Will: 10
Accessories Remote Control Unit, Self-repair Unit, Hardened Circuits,
Loading Mechanism (4), 4 weapon mounts for Mark VII Batteries and Micro-missile launchers,
4 concealed weapon mounts for laser batteries and grenade launchers
  Weapons 2 Mark VII Blaster Batteries (2 guns each, 16d6 dam, 300 ft. range)
2 Laser Batteries (3 guns each, 6d6 dam, 1500 ft range)
2 Micro-Missile Launchers
2 Grenade Launchers
Saving Throws Energy: 13, Death: 10, Stun: 12   THAC0 Energy Weapons 10; Launchers 12

Security Robot Alpha

Designed to emulate a basic humanoid form, these robots appear as crude metallic men that walk upright. Unlike androids, there is no way to mistake these synthetic creatures as anything but robots. The Alpha Security Robots were designed for commercial use, mainly incorporated as commercial security forces where their main objective is to restrain or temporarily incapacitate law breakers without the possibility of doing any real harm. These robots were designed to detect petty crimes and then catch and restrain offenders until relieved by other law enforcement personnel. As such, they were typically armed with stun guns, Concussion grenades, and stun batons.

Alpha security robots are typically assigned in pairs and work within a limited area so they are equipped with rechargable batteries that provide enough power for 24 hours before it needs to be recharged. When these robots were employed, typically one robot would patrol for 12 hours while the other recharged. All weapons are powered by the Alpha's rechargable battery, but the weapons are not integrated into the robot's chasis.

Hit Dice 10 (50 hp)   Frame Armature
Locomotion Legs (pair)   Movement 150' (50')
Power Rechargable Battery   Sensors Class III Sensor System
Manipulators Basic Hands   Armor Alumisteel AC 4
Programming Reactive Program (Int 7)   Other Abilities Str: 11, Dex: 12, Will: 6
Accessories Short Range Comm Unit   Weapons Stun Pistol, 2d4 Concussion Grenades, Stun Baton
Saving Throws Energy: 13, Death: 10, Stun: 12   THAC0 Energy Weapons 12; Bombs, Grenades, & Missiles 12

Security Robot Beta

Beta Security Robots were given a basic humanoid form, but their appearance is obviously robotic and they have no faces other than two optic sensors. The Beta Security Robot was designed for general law enforcement purposes including patrol and rapid response to mass violence situations. These robots were designed to detect crimes in progress, civil and criminal complaints, and provide front line force against civil unrest. As such, they were typically armed with a mix of lethal and non-lethal weaponry.

Beta security robots are typically individually assigned a sector but may quickly congregate when required. The Beta's are typically programmed to handle most situations with non-lethal force if possible, but when facing opponents that are armed or dangerous, these robots have no hesitation in using lethal force. None of the weaponry assigned to the Beta is integrated and they may have other weapons and equipment other than the standard listed below depending on their assignment.

Hit Dice 12 (60 hp)   Frame Armature
Locomotion Legs (pair)   Movement 150' (50')
Power Minifusion cell   Sensors Class IV Sensor System
Manipulators Basic Hands   Armor Alumisteel AC 4
Programming Intuitive Program (Int 9)   Other Abilities Str: 11, Dex: 12, Will: 8
Accessories Incapacitation Bonds, Short Range Comm Unit   Weapons Laser Pistol Mk I, 2d4 Shock Grenades, Energy Baton
Saving Throws Energy: 13, Death: 10, Stun: 12   THAC0 Energy Weapons 10; Bombs, Grenades, & Missiles 12

Incapacitation Bonds: These devices are powered by a power cell and once placed on a living creature incapacitates them for up to 24 hours (an initial saving throw versus Stun is allowed to fight of the effects for 1d3 rounds granting the wearer some time to try and break free). The devices can be broken out of with a successful Strength check with a +8 penalty applied to the roll.

hdr bulletVariant Robots

Steampunk Robots for Mutant Future

Even the fall of mankind does not stop the hands of progress. Once societies have begun re-establishing themselves after the fall, the desire to duplicate the technological marvels of the past kicks in again. Through considerable efforts of trial and error, some societies have discovered means of creating automatons to assist in the work and general protection from those things that have “evolved” in the wild as well as other anarchistic groups or forces that would see these fledgling societies as little more as something to plunder or destroy.

Storehouses of rusty and broken machinery left behind make excellent sources for those that have the ingenuity to cobble together equipment and alternate (and considerably more primitive means) sources of power or energy these new machines. Newly evolved mutated humans (and even animals) as well as those of the pure line with a highly keen mind have learned new methods and means to build these strange new constructs from the remains of the old. All such robots are constructed from cobbled together frames (armatures) and typically are either immobile or rely on simple means of locomotion such as wheels or multiple legs. Tracks are typically not used unless the society that created the construct has considerable resources and time and treads are not unheard of if they could be found from an existing device such as a vehicle or ancient robot. Locomotion based on air or water travel haven't yet been discovered by nearly any recovering society, especially advanced methods such as thrusters or inductors.

Of course, finding sources of power for these new creatures is next to impossible from the ruins from which they were hobbled together so new sources were developed. Internal combustion engines seemed the obvious choice, but then fuels of the ancients have become scarce to come by and new sources are just beginning to be rediscovered (typically soy and corn based ethanol) and in most communities just enough food is being grown to feed the general populace with little precious left over for other uses. Steam has become the new defacto method of power generation, but such engines easily make anything but the largest of constructs impossible to build or use on a daily basis. Some societies (especially those composed more of mutant humanoids than pure stock) may find and use leaking fission batteries and continually patch them to the best of their abilities at the cost of exposing themselves to radiation. The last power source used by the new automatons is clock-work, requiring the robot to be wound on a periodic basis and as the internal springs work to release energy the robot functions normally until the latent kinetic energy is used up (and must be rewound).

One major purpose such constructs are cobbled together is for the common defense of the society from outside sources. Such robots generally have metal plating or even chain mail covering most of their frames, advanced plastics or durable metal shielding are rare and unworkable by current smithing standards. Weapons also tend to be more on the archaic side. Spear like limbs, rotating blades, and basic cartridge based firearms are built into such constructs, and even innovative self loading crossbows may be found on some models. Larger constructs may be armed with bombards or automatic projectile weapons and may even be manned independently by other sentries on some of the larger post-event robots. Post-apocalyptic robots will never have more than 10 Hit Dice regardless of size and their effective combat abilities is half their hit dice.

Example Steampunk Robots

Retro Farmbot

The farmbot is the general size and shape of a large tractor and come with several accessories for performing agricultural tasks from plowing, sewing, and reaping. The are not generally armed, but any accessory can be used as a make shift weapon if needed. The farmbot typically only has one type of accessory installed at a time, based on the time and season. The farmbot is not armed or armored particularly for combat, but the robot is shielded with iron and steel plating and its accessories are very deadly if used against living opponents

Hit Dice 6 (30 hp)   Frame Armature (10' x 10' x 20')
Locomotion 4 to 6 wheels   Movement 360' (120')
Power Internal Combustion Engine   Sensors None
Manipulators None (see accessories)   Armor Integrated Plate AC 4
Programming Program or Remote (Int 2 or Driver)   Other Abilities Str: --, Dex: --, Will: --
Accessories Cockpit, Plow, Drill Planter, Thresher   Weapons Plow 6d6, Drill Planter 3d6, Thresher 8d6, Collision 4d6
Saving Throws Energy: 15, Death: 12, Stun: 14   THAC0 Mounted Accessories 15; Collide 12

City Guardbot

The city guardbot is a two legged man-sized sentry programmed to only allow entry by those that give the password or permitted by a supervisor. These robots are powered by an independent power generator connected to each robot by a cable. If the cable is cut the robot is automatically disabled. City guardbots are generally armed with pneumatic crossbows and rotating sword blades and girded in metal plate and shield. Pneumatic crossbows can be fired once per round and are preloaded so it may be fired without reloading until the guardbot is out of ammunition.

Hit Dice 3 (15 hp)   Frame Armature (6' to 7' tall)
Locomotion 2 legs   Movement 90' (30')
Power External source connected by cable (AC 6)   Sensors Class I
Manipulators Basic Hand   Armor Integrated Plate and Shield AC 3
Programming Programed (Int 6)   Other Abilities Str: 12, Dex: 10, Will: 6
Accessories Vocalizer   Weapons Pneumatic Crossbow with 8 bolts 1d8, Rotating Swords 2d8
Saving Throws Energy: 15, Death: 12, Stun: 14   THAC0 Crossbow 15; Swords 14

Golden Ranger

The golden ranger is a man made robot designed to appear as humans dressed in wild western gear. It is not known who originally designed or set these robots loose, but they travel the wastes looking for criminals and attempt to apprehend or kill those that the ranger believes have broken the law of the west. They typically travel in pairs riding robotic horses called Silver Steeds (see below) and wield six shooters and other primitive firearms. The golden ranger can fire two firearm pistols simultaneously with no penalty each round. If a golden ranger is reduced to zero hit points, he will explode causing 3d6 points of damage to anyone within 10 ft. of the ranger.

Hit Dice 8 (40 hp)   Frame Biomorph (6' tall)
Locomotion 2 legs   Movement 120' (40')
Power Unknown   Sensors Class II
Manipulators Advanced Hand   Armor Integrated Plate AC 4
Programming Advanced Program or AI (Int 15 -- 18)   Other Abilities Str: 15, Dex: 15, Will: 12
Accessories Vocalizer, Video Recorder   Weapons Two revolvers, shotgun, or rifle and ammunition
Saving Throws Energy: 13, Death: 10, Stun: 12   THAC0 Ranged Weapons 10; Melee Weapons 11

Silver Steed

Silver Steeds are designed to resemble and act as normal pre-apocalyptic horses. They appear a completely metallic horses with a silver sheen with built in saddle and compartments for miscellaneous equipment. Silver Steeds will not allow anyone other than a golden ranger from riding them unless a golden ranger first gives permission. The Silver Steed can easily carry up to 1000 lbs.

Hit Dice 6 (28 hp)   Frame Biomorph (8' x 4' x 12')
Locomotion 4 legs   Movement 180' (60')
Power Unknown   Sensors Class II
Manipulators None   Armor Integrated Plate AC 4
Programming Programed (Int 6)   Other Abilities Str: 15, Dex: 12, Will: 9
Accessories Compartments   Weapons Bite 1d8, Hooves 1d6 each, Trample 3d6
Saving Throws Energy: 13, Death: 10, Stun: 12   THAC0 Bite 16; Hooves 14; Trample 12

Clock-Work Sentry

These man-sized robots run solely on internal clock works and springs and are very limited on what they may do. Once wound, the sentry can patrol the designated area for up to an hour before it must be wound again. If the robot engages in combat, it can only last for up to 8 rounds before it must be wound again. These robots appear as slender man-like robots armed with swords or spears and armored with thin sheets of perforated steel. Sentries are programmed to instantly raise the alarm unless a designated password is given and then engage in anyone that does not give the password. They have built in vocal enhancements that give off a loud and irritating squeal to raise the alarm and all other nearby sentries will instantly respond to such a shriek.

Hit Dice 4 (20 hp)   Frame Biomorph (5' to 6' tall)
Locomotion 2 legs   Movement 180' (60')
Power Clockwork (1 hour/8 rounds)   Sensors Class I
Manipulators basic hands   Armor Integrated Perforated Plate AC 5
Programming Programed (Int 4)   Other Abilities Str: 12, Dex: 15, Will: 8
Accessories Squelcher   Weapons long sword 1d8 or spear 1d6
Saving Throws Energy: 15, Death: 12, Stun: 14   THAC0 Ranged Weapons 14; Melee Weapons 15